About Street Food Awards

Delhi Food Walks is laying foundation to one of its kind event “Street Food Awards’ 17” which aims to recognize the various street food vendors present in the narrow alleys of Delhi and honour them for the delightful services which they have provided to our taste buds. The awards are going to be as interesting and tempting as the street food, just making you want more. The awards promise to reward our unsung heroes of street food with fame and recognition.

For the very first time in our country, we will be witnessing food awards which will be based on people’s choices and tastes. The organisers, sponsors and jury members of the awards would not dictate the course of the awards at any stage.

*However, since the taste and choices of the people are subjective, hence many people might disapprove of the final results. We would like to clearly lay out the procedure of the awards


  • Step 1: Names of the vendors in each category have been compiled on the basis of people’s nomination given on all our social media platforms (Till 17th May 2017).
  • Step 2: The top 3 nominations of each category would also be shortlisted on the basis of survey results shared on all platforms (17th May-22nd May)
  • Step 3: Out of these 3 nominations in each category, we would be rewarding two different awards as follows :-
    • a) People’s Choice Awards: Audience can cast their final votes on our official website http://streetfoodawards.in/ in order to make their favourite vendor the winner of this popularity award. (29th May-16th June).
    • b) Jury’s Taste Awards: In order to make the results of the awards fair and unbiased, our jury members would be asked to go through an “Anonymous Blind Food Tasting” Session and to give their scores based on their experience. The cumulative score of each vendor would decide the winner of this prestigious award. (2nd June – 18th June 2017)
*Note: The same vendor could receive both these awards simultaneously